Student Led Initiative PLD

Kathryn Berkett- Complex Behaviour/ Simple Interventions Pt1

A 2-part workshop unpacking the neuroscience around complex behaviour.

This workshop is to support the understanding, at a neurological level, of how behaviour develops.

Running time: 35.03

Kathryn Berkett session 01.mp4

Kathryn Berkett- Complex Behaviour/ Simple Interventions Pt 2

In this second part, Katrhyn looks at practical strategies to implement in the classroom, targeting complex behaviours and the underlying science behind them.

Running time: 1.29.54

Kathryn Berkett session 02.mp4

Rob Carty and Jill Watt, RTLB - Hauora/ Well Being

A workshop to understand the impact of Hauora/ well-being and the value and impact of nurturing well-being and resilience for staff, students and professionals within the education sector. Jill and Rob will explain the impact of anxiety upon a person’s well being and it’s potential to negatively influence human resilience.

Running time: 1.05.58

Jill Watt & Rob Carty.mp4