Our Theory of Improvement

The principals have identified six strategies of improvement to achieve their Achievement Challenges.

Learner Agency

Effective Transitions

Cultural and Relational Pedagogies

Community Involvement

Teacher Effectiveness

Collaborative Learning

Whilst a focus will remain on the accelerated achievement of target group students, the principals believe that through improving these six areas of teacher practice and pedagogy across the breadth of our schools, that all teachers will increase in capacity and will result in improved results for all students.

Our Driver Framework

The principals’ have explained their initial thoughts on each of these strategies below. They have chosen to leave these unedited and slightly fragmented at this stage, as we consider this is the work of our first year.

They have used the following framework to define each strategy and explain the goal within it:

1. Definition of concept (driver)

2. Just imagine…

3. In order to do so we will need to…