Transitions Review

New Zealand and Global research indicates that transitions can impact on student success and engagement in school. In particular the social, cultural & structural forces. Our journey began when the principals identified our vision of Better together: A connected pathway for empowered learners. We identified our key drivers. Effective transitions was initially identified as a key area for improvement.

The Key Questions for consideration in our Transitions research centered around:-

  • How might we equip our teachers and leaders to be better prepared for being positive influences across our learning pathway?

  • How might we increase confidence levels for more of our students?

  • How might we enable students to become familiar with school environment and structures?

  • How might we increase effective communication between teachers and leaders within and between our schools?

Transition Review Presentation Conference 2021 Whānau ki te Ako

We are excited to present our transitions research findings and questions for reflection to ensure quality transitions practice is evident across our Kāhui Ako. This Transitions review presentation was shared at our Kāhui Ako Conference Day - June 2021.

Here is our Transitions Video. This video captures a snapshot of voices across our learning pathway. The Across School leaders worked with Kay Hawk and Jan Hill from the Education Group who had published their own New Zealand transitions research. Our Transitions review has been a journey of some four years and we would like to acknowledge and credit all who have been involved in working on it.