Upper Harbour Primary School

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Our Vision

We are a connected, creative community that inspires courageous learners.

During 2018, our Board of Trustees led the school and community through a review of our charter document. We are all very excited with our new shared language and understanding of who we are in this place.

Getting to know each child as an individual is top of our teachers’ priority list. Each learner has their own ‘story’ and it’s our privilege to then ensure that they then experience challenge and success through a rich curriculum.

Our Values

We have four core values at Upper Harbour Primary and these guide how we behave towards each other, to those in the wider community and to our environment.

Whanaungatanga: Aroha, Service, Care. Including others, building their self-esteem, being a family. Lending a hand, going the extra mile and putting others’ needs before our own.

Whai whakaaro: Wisdom, Forethought, Consideration. Thinking through the implications of their actions and words. Carefully considering options and ideas. Being socially and ethically responsible.

Manaakitanga: Respect, Integrity, Trust, Sincerity, Equity, Generosity. Being generous hosts. Genuinely caring about others. Being honest and respectful.

Hiranga: Trying our best, Endeavour. Setting high expectations for ourselves. Always believing we can make it better or do it better.

Sue Smith (Principal)