Our Journey

Our Journey

This pathway has a long established history of collaboration. In the past, this included schools within the neighbouring Long Bay-Oteha Valley area, as part of a wider cluster.

Whānau ki te Ako was established by the Principal's group in 2015 when they collaborated and wrote the Achievement Challenge.

Dawn Fenn our first Kāhui Ako Principal was appointed in November 2016. The establishment phase saw the launch of our Kāhui Ako at a conference in July 2017. The Within School group began meeting and collaborating together after this conference.

Our Kāhui Ako Within School group are guided by three elements:

  • to be the FACE of our Kāhui Ako

  • to have REACH within their school and across the community

  • to be given the space and opportunities to continue to LEARN. Ensuring their professional growth as teachers and leaders.

In November, after each school completed a self audit, the Principals decided that one driver in particular would be the focus on our first stage together. The first driver to focus on became LEARNER AGENCY.

Our second conference in 2018 launched Learner Agency with keynote’s from Nikki Urlich, James Hopkins and Mere Berryman. This conference was a chance for our community to learn together. Breakout sessions were led by the voice from within (teachers across our schools), our Within School Leads and outside experts.

In Term 2, 2018 our application for PLD hours centrally funded through the Ministry of Education was accepted. We gained a substantial number of hours and professional learning for staff. CORE education and Leading Learning, have begun delivering personalised professional learning in each school.

Termly Nano-Conferences began in Term 3, 2018, these replaced the Kāhui Ako social events. These events, provide an opportunity for teachers across our community to connect and learn together.

Maree Bathurst was appointed as our new Kāhui Ako Lead Principal in September 2018.

The focus for our Kāhui Ako Leadership Team as we begin 2019 is to continue the development of a Learner Agency Framework that will provide a consistent language for our Kāhui Ako as well as embarking on transition research. The first stage of this transition research project is to gather voice from our community, parent community, staff and students.